• Counselling offers an opportunity to talk to someone who will listen without criticism, and who will keep what you say confidential.

  • Some people come to counselling because they need a friendly ear, or a different perspective on a problem (be it a relationship or a situation)

  • Counselling offers more than talking to a friend - the time is all yours to talk about what is important to you - and you will not have to face the person the next day in class!

  • Coming to counselling does not mean that you are crazy, but just that you have decided to explore new ways of dealing with what life is offering you, or that you know you would benefit from some support in dealing with things

  • Counselling offers a safe space to put into words the thoughts and feelings that are inside you - and in doing this gain some understanding and control over them.

  • Counselling is a very different process for each person and we encourage you to discuss with the counsellor what you need from the time.

A counselling session may last up to an hour. Sometimes one session is all that is required, sometimes people come for several regular sessions and sometimes they may have long periods of time between sessions. This is something that is negotiated between you and the counsellor and depends on many factors including the types of issues that are discussed and the purpose of the counselling...... read more