Child & Adolescent Psychology

Child Psychology

  • Confidence building programmes for children
  •  Assessment and help for ADHD.
  • Ongoing support for children with challenging or oppositional behaviour difficulties.
  • Interventions for management of school refusal.
  • Assessment and Help of Anxiety Disorders and Depression.
  • I.Q. testing and assessment of learning difficulties in children with academic difficulties.
  • Personality Development programmes. 
  • Counselling for Gifted and Highly Intelligent children.
  • Parenting counselling.

The children are assessed through their drawings & stories .Interventions are done through Behavioural , Play & Sand therapy.

Behavioural Therapy, Play Therapy and Sand Therapy for childern with emotional difficulities.

Adolescent Psychology

Adolescence (12 - 18 years old) is a particularly hard time for children. They are experiencing all kinds of new changes in their bodies and in their feelings. As well, they often feel misunderstood as they are struggling to leave behind their childhood and become adults.Struggle for self identity marks the adolescent period, This brings forth many emotional difficulties , behavioural issues.
Adolescence has commonly been characterized by issues such as rebellious behaviour, lying, cheating, school performance problems, negative attitudes, disobedience and disrespect, sibling rivalry, drug and alcohol abuse, pressures from peers, depression, and issues of sexuality.
Adolescence is also the period when many psychiatric illnesses lying dormant , surface.
Through Behavioural therapy,REBT,CBT we deal with

  •  Anxiety & Depression
  •  Relationship issues
  •  Boosting self esteem
  • Oppositional &self harming behaviours.
  • Parental counselling etc.

 Assessment tools are available for better understanding of the issue.

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