Frequently Asked Questions

Can REBT be used with children?

Yes, REBT works very well with children. Work with children is done taking a preventive interventionist approach as the aim is to provide children with the right psychological foundation at an early age, so that they grow up to be healthier functioning adults capable of facing challenges effectively and striving to lead happy lives’ in spite of the difficulties and uncertainties that come across.

Can REBT be used with more severe psychological disorders?

REBT in Pune works very well with all the Neurotic disorders and other emotional disturbances regarding day-to-day life. REBT in Pune is best used with “psychotic disorders” when they are in remission i.e. when they have dealt with their active psychotic symptoms with medicines. At that stage, REBT in Pune can help them deal with their emotional disturbances about their psychological condition.

Difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?

A Psychologist has a M.A degree in Psychology and a Psychiatrist has M.D in Psychiatry. A psychologist is trained to offer psychotherapy services that do not include medication and a Psychiatrist's training primarily involves prescribing medicines for treatment of relatively more severe mental disorders.

Does it work for everyone?

If one goes into therapy expecting quick-fix, readymade solutions, one might be disappointed.Therapy is highly likely to work with people who are willing to make the effort required to learn how to keep dealing with their disturbances and arriving at solutions even in the long-run. Then, it could be a tool for life that helps not only to solve specific problems but also to enhance overall life efficiency.

How do I decide if I need medication or therapy, or both?

A visit to a therapist will help you answer this question. Based on your therapist’s assessment of your problem, she could guide you about whether you need medication in addition to therapy.

How long does it take for therapy to complete?

That would depend on several factors such as: severity of your problem, the kind of therapy you choose – a short-term therapy like REBT could help you in as few as 12-15 sessions whereas some other long term therapies can take months to years. Most importantly, the duration of therapy would depend on the client’s consistency, commitment and effort put in therapeutic work.

In what ways can therapy benefit me?

Therapy can benefit all who find themselves repeatedly or consistently 'stressed out' in the process of day-to-day living. This could be due to unresolved issues in one's mind, not getting desired results, managing too many things at once, difficulty in handling relationships, feelings of inadequacy in reaching one's goals etc.

Myths associated with psychology

* It is false that only "mentally ill" people need a psychologist.
* It is false that psychologists can read minds.
* It is false that the psychologist will discuss my confidential matters with others.
* It is false that a psychologist will give me medication or an electric shock.
* It is false that the psychologist is a stranger who cannot understand my personal and/or home problems.
* It is false that the psychologist will "fix" my problem for me.
* It is false that a psychologist will judge me for my weaknesses.
* It is false that time will heal better than a psychologist.

What is Psychology ?

* Psychology can be broadly defined as the study of the human mind and behavior.
* It is a systematic approach to the understanding of people, their thoughts, emotions and behavior. The application of this understanding helps to solve human problems.
* It involves a comprehensive understanding of emotional issues at the deep root level which brings about health, happiness and functionality in the client.
* The study of psychology allows one to appreciate the relationship between thoughts, emotions and the resulting behavior.
* Behavior is understood in context of both, the physical and social conditions.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is essentially talk therapy wherein a therapist helps the client reduce his/her emotional disturbances. It is a collaborative effort to identify the reasons for the client’s emotional disturbance and then to actively work on different solutions for it.

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