• Every human personality can be compared to a Rainbow.
  • It has the Sunny Happiness ,ability to experience Joy like that of Yellow.
  • Ability for constructive work like that of Green.
  • Anger , Aggression like that of the Red.
  • Darkness & Sadness like that of the Indigo.

Through psychometric testing we try to find the colourful palate of the human personality.Dr Prajakta has been extensively trained & certified to conduct some of the most important tests in Clinical Psychology.
The test conducted & available through Antarang at Manasvin clinic are

  • Diagnostic Tests: MMPI 2 , MCMI 3 ,Rorschach , TAT ,House tree person, Beck’s Depression Inventory, STAXI,SCT etc
  • Personality Tests : 16 PF,MAP ,MBTI
  • IQ Tests : MISIC , WISC IV ,CPM in children & SPM ,WAIS ,WAPIS in Adults.
  • Aptitude Tests :DAT.

We also have a huge collection of Scales & Inventories to test various parameters depending on requirement.

A battery of tests is generally recommended. Tests are selected based on the problem & requirement of the referring physician or organisation.
All the tests used are standardised & extensively researched.


As the name suggests REBT helps us explore & exploit our inner potential ,it helps

It helps us deal with our day to day stressors, overcome the psychological obstacles

that prevent us from achieving our goals, it makes us aware of our extremist

thinking,it also helps in rebuilding our interpersonal relationships.

So essentially REBT is not just a psychotherapy but it is a way of life.

A person who has learns & practices REBT is a person who is emotionally healthy ,

constructively productive ,goal oriented & contented in his/her relationships.

So a REBT workshop helps us achieve the below,

  • Adapting to Change
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Managing Time Effectively
  • Getting along Better with People
  • Coping with Stress
  • Being a Winner 
  • Living Life to the Fullest 
  • Coping with Disabilities 
  • Developing Confidence 
  • Overcoming Inertia 

Specific Programs

REBT & Parenting

Anger how to live with & without it

Blooming Buds : REBT for adolescents

Fear of exams

Study skills

Memory techniques.

  • The above programmes can be designed individually or according to requirement

of the group.

  • Minimum 10 people required.