Theory of REBT

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is one of the most effective psychotherapies in the world. REBT workshop is conducted in two modules. Basic & Advanced. Basic module is compulsory for doing Advanced. Workshop includes live demo , role play ,audio visual presentations , ppt presentations , written material etc Workshop is beneficial for people working in mental health profession like psychologists , psychiatrists ,special educators ,social workers ,graduate & post graduate students of psychology,doctors etc. Workshop can be conducted with a minimum quorum of 10 professionals.

 We are not directly affected by things but by the view we take of them.

  • A x B = C
  • Explaining A, B, C with egs.
  • C–Healthy v/s Unhealthy negative emotions
  • B-rational v/s Irrational Thoughts
  • Criteria of Rationality
  • Goal setting
  • How to identify Irrational B?
  • Exercises to identify 'B' in different situations of emotional disturbance