Advanced Module

Anxiety and REBT – REBT's specific conceptualization of Anxiety, diff. types of anxiety, Inference chaining, identifying the critical A, Identification and disputing of specific IBs underpinning anxiety

REBT and Addiction - Common theme of addictive thinking, irrational thought patterns identified in addicts, disputing LFT beliefs, dealing with resistance to change

REBT for Marital Issues – Mate selection, problem solving, vicious circles in marriage, irrationalities of communication, real incompatibility Vs individual neurosis, using emotive and behavioral techniques for disputing

REBT and Depression - Cognitive triad of depression, Disputing Irrational Depressogenic beliefs, Socratic disputing, Identifying IBs underlying procrastination, 3 factors affecting procrastination/short range hedonism – instant gratification, discomfort anxiety, entitlement, assessing meta-emotional problems

REBT with Children - lessons and activities which deal with target rational-emotive concepts, feelings, mistake-making, challenging, questioning irrational assumptions, to develop greater self-understanding, more positive self-concepts, problem-solving

REBT as a way of Life - Techniques, and critical thinking skills which can lead to a more responsible and self-enhancing existence.

REBT to deal with counselor's disturbances - Disputing IB's related to being in the counselor's chair

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