Corporate Trainning

  •  Would you like to encounter motivated and efficient staff?.

  • And find an increase in the productivity and effectiveness of your employees.

  • Would you like to see your workforce adapt easily to the changing environment?.

  • And become more time efficient and self-disciplined?.

  • Would you like to cope with stress?.

  • Surely you would like to know how to attain the above?.

To be an ACHIEVER…

To widen your mental horizons!.

Your search ends here.


Discover ways to help you:

  •  Increase productivity.

  • Become more assertive.

  • Handle job related stress.

  • Understand helpful and harmful thinking.

  • Understand the work environment.

  • Sustain enthusiasm and motivation at work.

  • Deal with difficult people.

Most human beings use two faculties to solve their problems of day-to-day living -- namely, their intelligence and their experience. And William James the great psychologist said, that we don't use even one tenth of those potentialities. Why so? Because, even though human beings set their goals, very interestingly and strangely, they come in their own way. Little do they realize that their unhealthy emotions of anxiety, guilt, anger and depression, block and contribute to their failures. And by looking for the reasons for their failures in the outside world, they ignore taking a hard look at their faulty attitudes responsible for their lack of success. This one-day workshop will help you understand your contribution to the fulfillment of your goals or to the lack of it, and will help you tackle those attitudes that interfere in your performance.

All this, to help you become an ACHIEVER.

Some questions and answers about the workshop.

What makes the seminar special?.

The seminar aims at helping top and middle management staff understand how attitudes influence emotions and actions at the work place; how unhealthy attitudes make them inefficient, ineffective and unproductive. It demonstrates how to acquire healthy and helpful attitudes, eliminate problems at the work place and begin an achievement and productive cycle.

Why do you need this seminar?

Skills related to any particular job are relatively easy to teach and learn. However, they are not adequate to equip an individual to give his best. Generally, misplaced beliefs and unhelpful attitudes hamper productivity and efficiency. The seminar helps develop healthy and helpful attitudes needed to be an achiever.

What will you learn at this seminar?

Methods to develop a healthy attitude in order to become more productive, efficient and effective at work. It will also give you tools to deal with difficult people and handle stress. This, in turn, will help you become a top performer and actually enjoy the process.

When will the investments in training pay off?

Right away! The learning and participating process concludes in identifying beliefs and attitudes that enhance effectiveness and productivity.

  •  All workshops are specially designed in accordance with the needs of the organization.

  • Workshop requirements – a comfortable room with adequate seating arrangements. A white/black board with markers/chalk. No requirement of projectors or any audio-visual equipment.

  • Optimal number of participants – 20/25.

  • Besides the lecture method of teaching, group work and active participation is highly encouraged.

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